6 Characteristics That Make a Great SEO Agency

Regardless of the specific SEO needs you have, you’ll still find dozens, if not hundreds of agencies, vying for your business. 

The search engine optimization service providers’ industry is valued at over $65 billion. 

Thus, expect anyone with a laptop and internet access to make wild claims of being an SEO agency, as they yearn for a slice of the industry’s billions. 

There are characteristics great SEO agencies possess. And you’ll find these traits in all the best SEO companies.

I’ll list the fundamental ones below. 

Use them to vet an SEO agency from the list you shortlist before choosing to work with any.  

  • A Defined Process to Execute SEO Strategies
  • A Diverse Team of Specialists
  •  An Impressive Client Portfolio
  •  Real Customer Testimonials
  • Industry-specific Thought Leadership
  • A Crisp-clear Company Culture

Last Updated : October 30, 2021 by Editorial Team

Published : August 22, 2021

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