Best CoinBase Alternatives: Top 7 Most Secure Exchanges or Wallet

This guide will help crypto investors who are using Coinbase to manage their cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency option for many people all over the globe.

It allows you to trade multiple coins, and it also provides a secure platform to keep your digital currency safe.

You can find out more about CoinBase by reading this detailed guide.

Cryptocurrencies can be used as a digital currency. It is recommended to diversify your crypto assets by switching to a different platform.

Every platform is susceptible to cyber attacks so why not find another CoinBase alternative that is the same as CoinBase but is also well secured.

We have compiled the top 7 best CoinBase alternatives, which will help you end your search.

Let me tell you about the factors that make CoinBase an alternative.


What should CoinBase Alternative be?

There are many options for coinbase on the market, and people use them with integrity and conviction.

However, not all platforms are the same as CoinBase. There are many deciding factors.

Let’s now go over them all.

Transaction Charge

Transaction fees are very important if you trade daily.

Transferring your coins from one wallet into another can be expensive on many exchange platforms.

The best platform will offer you the lowest transaction fees, and you can make daily transactions on the platform.

When you withdraw or deposit money, your coins will be converted to fiat currencies like USD and GBP.

Choose a Crypto platform that charges less for transactions. This will help you to offset overall transaction fees.


Another important factor in choosing CoinBase alternatives is that you are not being charged a monthly or yearly subscription.

Everything is free, except for the transaction fee. However, what really matters to you is the safety of your assets.

To ensure that your assets are safe and sound, you should know what security level they offer.

Your user login should be at least two-level.

  • Sign up first by using your USer ID & Private Password.
  • For 2FA security, the second level should be enabled

These look great and you can even send an email to an authorized email address to verify your system IP.

You should always verify security before you accept any offer.


Integrity is the most important factor. People trust coinbase because it has integrity.

It is important to be part of a community that has been offering services for many years and continues updating the community about the latest developments and future plans.

You can also get better customer service if you join a well-known and reputable platform.

They are committed to their customers and share quality updates on existing issues.

This platform is popular and most coins are traded there.

Choose something that is well-known.

Clearance time

This is the part where you can send and receive coins. It depends on the time taken for blockchain blocks to clear and what verification they require in order to validate transactions.

You won’t be able to blame them for this and it will affect transaction clearance time.

However, in the case of debit or credit card payments, they may have a wallet that can store fiat currency up to a limit.

Max Cap

Daily traders who trade daily need to be aware that not all exchanges or wallets allow trading beyond their limits.

Choose the one that is most appropriate for your maximum daily or monthly transaction limit.

You should always check the maximum withdrawal limit and minimum withdrawal limits before you use that exchange for multiple transactions.

Your one-time transaction fees will be affected if you limit your transactions to a certain amount.

Now you will be able to decide which parameters should you use when choosing a coinbase alternative.

Let me now introduce you to the 7 CoinBase Alternatives.

Top 5 Most CoinBase Alternatives

The following cryptocurrency exchanges are some of the most popular and offer the most competitive prices compared to CoinBase.

1: CEX CryptoCurrency Exchange was founded as a cloud mining company in order to mine Bitcoin. Once a block was successfully mined, the payouts were split among all investors.

It is used by close to 4 million people worldwide, and this number keeps growing every day.

It is an online exchange that allows you to trade in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP.

All international currencies are available for trade.

It charges between 0.1% and 0.2% transaction fees, which is a lower but still quite competitive in this market.

Below is a list of cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the exchange.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. Zcash
  6. Bitcoin Gold
  7. Steller
  8. ZCash
  9. Litecoin

It provides service all over the world. Remote access is not an issue. It allows cross-platform trading via Mobile, Website, Rest API, etc.

It allows you to make payments using Visa, Mastercard and Cryptocurrency.

It provides strong security against DDOS attacks and is registered as a money service business within FinCen.

It is equipped with a PCI DDS certificate that guarantees high-level security as well as card payments.

  • It’s available worldwide via an online platform
  • It offers the Mobile app, Rest API, and Website access.
  • Minimum transaction fee
  • It also offers international card payment options such as VISA and Master Card.
  • 24/7 Customer support availability

It’s very similar, and I found it among the CoinBase alternatives.

2 : Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

Security of cryptocurrency is very important and any exchange can be hacked.

Even Polonix got hacked. This shows that hackers are constantly improving their hacking techniques and are one step ahead of the exchange.

Gemini allows you to buy/sell and store digital cryptocurrency. It is the first Zcash and Ether exchanges licensed in the world.

Gemini, a trust company in New York, is subject to the regulatory oversight of NewYork State Department of Finance Service. It was established in 2014.

GEMINI’s best feature is that it stores most of your Bitcoin and other digital assets in cold storage. Only a small fraction of your coins will live up and can be traded in the active market.

This reduces the risk of coins being stolen and any security breaches. You can access the platform via a mobile app, website or Rest API.

Transaction fees will vary depending on the taker fee and the maker fee.

This is the first time you’ve heard it.

Let me explain.

You will be charged for taker fees if your order is not filled within 24 hours. If it isn’t filled immediately, and remains in Order Book for future fill, then you will be charged for maker fee.

I hope this helps you understand what it means.

If you don’t,

For more information on Fee and Max Cap , please visit.

Gemini allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with either a personal or business account. You can trade digital assets as an institution by opening an account with Gemini.

It does not have the currency that can be traded against USD.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC).
  2. Ethereum (ETH).
  3. Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  4. Litecoin (LTC).
  5. Zcash(ZCH)

This is the ideal place to trade or store your digital assets.

GEMINI is currently available in a few countries, so check this list to see if there are any platforms that might be available.

3 : Kraken CryptoCurrency Exchange

It’s the best cryptocurrency exchange in San Francisco, USA that was launched in 2011.

This is the largest exchange where Bitcoin can be traded in large volumes of Euro.

You can trade cryptocurrency for fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and JPY.

Kraken exchange does not only offer Bitcoin, but also offers a variety of currencies that can be used.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Monero
  4. Dash
  5. Litecoin
  6. Ripple
  7. Steller
  8. Etehrum Classic
  9. Dogecoin
  10. Zcash
  11. Tether
  12. REP Token

For more information about listed currencies , visit Help.

You can use it to store your cryptocurrency in cold storage. The fees structure is variable and ranges from 0-0.26%.

Click here to see the most recent transaction fee.

They won’t ask for additional documents to offer a basic account. However, if you wish to upgrade or increase your daily transaction limit, you can go through Know your customer policy.

It offers a mobile app, website and API for accessing interfaces from all countries.

You can get customer support 24/7/365.

They offer cold storage to ensure your coins are safe and secure. To improve account security, 2FA has been added.

They are kept safe and secure in a private enclosure. Additional security is available to ensure that this hackproof is not possible.

This is a great alternative to CoinBase in terms of security, transaction fees and overall performance.

4 : CoinMama CryptoCurrency Exchange

CoinMama has one of the largest trading platforms with more than 1,000,000 users spread across 188 countries .

You can only trade currency against fiat currencies like USD or EUR.

You can exchange the below-listed currencies.

  1. Bitcoin(BTC)
  2. Ethereum(ETH)
  3. Litecoin(LTC)
  4. Ripple(XRP)
  5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  6. Cardano(ADA)
  7. Qtum(QTUM)

You can use it to make a payment using VISA and Master cards.

You can choose to pay by credit card or debit. The transaction fees will be different .

Transferring money from your Credit or Debit card will result in a 5% transaction fee.

There is a minimum limit to purchase any cryptocurrency. This id must be 60 USD.

It is mandatory for all registered users to verify their identity by providing supporting documents. This is necessary to prevent illegal activities.

It is a trusted platform that you can use as your CoinBase alternative.

5 : Bittrex CryptoCurrency Exchange

Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the USA, was founded in 2013 and has a large user base around the world.

Bittrex is a great choice for crypto traders due to its large daily trading volume, well-known security and high liquidity.

All traders are subject to a transaction charge of 0.2%

Bittrex has set minimum and maximum daily trading caps, such as 50,000 Satoshi or 2 BTC per Day.

here to see a change in trading ceiling.

Bittrex provides 24/7 customer support and 365 day access to its customers. However, they are careful about transaction fees.

They won’t allow you to log in until you verify your IP address.

They will send an email to authorities IP address on your registered email ID. Once you verify that IP, you will be able access the login system

This shows how concerned they are about security.

It allows you to trade USD only, no other fiat currencies are supported by Bittrex.

Bittrex lists almost every currency, and it is a constantly growing platform.

This is my top choice for Coinbase alternative.

You can transfer your Cryptocurrency from CoinBase into Bittrex if you have CoinBase as your wallet.

You can learn all you need to know about Bittrex Altcoins and how to trade them.

Binance and Bittrex are top choices for Crypto Investors. Learn more by reading our comprehensive guide.

6: Changelly CryptoCurrency Exchange

Exchangelly has around 2 million users worldwide.

There are around 130 cryptocurrencies available for exchange.

It acts as a mediator. You will deposit your fiat currency, such as USD or EUR.

Changelly will determine the best price among various exchanges like Binance, HitBTC and Polonix.

It compares prices with other exchanges to find the lowest price. If it finds a low price, it will exchange your currency for that chosen cryptocurrency and then store it back in your wallet.

It works immediately and prices change instantly, so there may be some deviation from what it displays and what will be credited.

It supports multiple Cryptocurrency wallet, so you can store up 130+ cryptocurrencies.

You will choose where to keep your coins so that privacy is maintained.

They charge a transaction fee of approximately 0.50% in return for all the facility.

They won’t keep your currency there and they will provide you with an instant exchange rate once you sign up with them.

It offers account security with additional 2FA security, which is the best part.

This graphic shows how it works.

This can offer you the best exchange rate, but it is important to be aware that transaction fees may appear higher than others.

7 – BitCoin ATMs

What if there was an ATM platform that you could trade your coins?

Although this isn’t very popular, it is starting to be.

According to Statista, 14000 Bitcoin ATMs reported that they have a large volume of Bitcoin ATMs in the USA.

Let’s make a paper wallet, and then go to a nearby Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATM offers two features: one supports only buy, and the other allows you to both Buy and Sell.

In both cases, you will need a paper wallet. Find out more about the Paper Wallet.

Pay with your Credit or Debit Card and scan the Public Address of your paper wallet.

Your coins will be transferred into your paper wallet. Next time, you can do the same while selling your coins.

It’s not very well-known or at the start edge.

This seems like a great coinbase alternative.

Get the Best Coinbase Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to coinbase, these are the best choices of mine.

It contains a collection of the most well-known and popular crypto exchanges. You can replace it with CoinBase.

Diversifying your digital assets is important as each platform can be vulnerable.

Transfer your assets from Coinbase into other platforms.

It is rare that exchanges offer Cold storage, which is a digital wallet. Your digital assets will be more secure and less susceptible to security hacking.

Always verify 2FA verification. Bittrex and other exchanges offer extra IP address verification.

You can find commonplace places to place bids that will give you the best exchange rates. I recommend Changelly, but be aware that they may charge a bit more transaction fees.

Be sure to check the transaction fees first, as they can have a significant impact on your daily transactions.

This concludes the ultimate guide to CoinBase Alternative. This was my top choice.

Our detailed analysis guide will help you find the best Cryptocurrency wallets and best cryptocurrency to mine in 2019.

If you have suggestions for CoinBase, let me know.

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