Best Universities In USA In 2022 – Top 10 US University Right Now

A renowned international university, UC Berkeley(as it is affectionately referred to in its short form) has a high ranking for its programs in the humanities and sciences. However, it’s easy to say that acceptance rates for this school is low. Admissions to the university are highly very competitive. On the bright side, you are aware that once you’ve made it through the exam, you will be graduated from one of the most famous schools within the USA. They thoroughly review every application before sending out invitation letters to applicants. It is also among the most vibrant international campuses and has an active social scene. There are no minimum score requirement. The approximate is based on the highest scores of those who are chosen for universities when they submit their application. The higher your scores are compared to the maximum more likely that you have of being selected. The school is most well-known for its courses in social sciences, engineering courses as well as biomedical sciences. The faculty is impressive with over 1500 professors including some having been Nobel Prize winners. The advantages from being an alumnus of UCB are immense. Your earnings potential and the likelihood to be hired by top companies in the world rises by a few notches once you graduate from UCB.

9th place: California Institute of Technology

It was established in 1891 It was established in 1891. This University has a wonderful home in the vast 124-acre land area in California within the US. The name is Caltech for the abbreviation. The school is most well-known for its pure and applied science programs. It is home to more than 76 Nobel laureates, the majority of whom were former faculty members and students. It is a prestigious residential research university that has a significant demand for graduate programs compared to undergraduate ones. The programs offered at the university follow a quarterly system with the first term beginning in September and concludes prior to Christmas and the second semester starts on the day after New Year and ends in mid-March. The final term starts in the latter part of March and runs through the early part of June. Caltech is ranked among the top universities in the country for its educational programs in engineering, chemistry technology, and earth and physical sciences. Similar to UCB the admission process is not a walk in the park at Caltech neither. It is required to submit rigorous SAT and ACT scores to go through the admissions process. The campus is brimming with activities such as sports, events as well as visual and performing arts, and so on. Caltech is a top-quality engineering, research-backed engineering, and science-based institute. There is no shortage of chances to shine as a part of Caltech.

Rank 8th: Yale University

Established in the 1800s, Yale University is the third-oldest university within the US. It covers more than 260 acres of land located in New Haven, Connecticut. It provides more than 2000 classes that cover the arts, engineering, and Science and allows you to decide to pursue one of the subjects from a comprehensive listing of more than 80. The campus is home to classes of various dimensions for seminars and lectures and houses one of the most expensive libraries , and has an exceptional collection of old manuscripts, as well as books that are out of stock to help you research. Learning is a process of application, and is supported by the cutting-edge laboratories located at the University. Yale has a number of research projects that it funds. There are many opportunities to gain knowledge outside of the classroom at Yale. Yale encourages events, festivals and athletics, games theaters, debates traditions, and music in large ways on its campus , to celebrate the diverse student body as well as their interests. The seniors guide new students and advise them about everything they need to know to help them get settled more comfortably. It’s like an oasis that is far away. Yale grants 100% financial aid to students enrolled in its programs regardless of their nationality or immigration status. Of all the universities with a reputation, Yale is easily the most affordable. At Yale they take into consideration the top two SAT subject test scores as well as ACT scores, as well as letter of recommendations. It’s not easy to pass Yale but it is possible. Once you’re there, you’ll leave with a strong employability and research capabilities.

7th rank: University of Pennsylvania

This is another university from the 18th century located within Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a university for residential students with up to 12 schools that students can join. It is well-known because of it’s colleges of Arts and Sciences, Wharton Business School, School of Nursing, and the School of Engineeringand Applied Science and all of them offer undergraduate programs. Penn has a “one university policy that gives students to be flexible in their academics that means they can have access to the other classes, including undergraduate as well as graduate programs in addition to the medical courses. The graduate programs in the Law School and the Medical Schoolsare much desired at Penn. It is the GPA scores, SAT as well as ACT percentiles are thought as the primary important and decisive factors for admission to at the University of Pennsylvania. The University also takes into consideration the student’s high school rank along with letters of reference. Its acceptance rates is very low in comparison to other universities that is ranked and meritorious. The school is known as a doctoral university. It is worth the money you put into this university because the ROI is substantial.

6th place: University of Chicago

The campus of the university is inside the Chicago city in the Illinois state in the US. It is famous for its numerous professional schools , including The Law School, the Booth School of Business and the Pritzker School of Medicine, The Crown Family School of Social Work and the Divinity School, and the School of Liberal and Professional Studies. The undergraduate college of the university provides various educational programs that empower students and degrees for students. The Chicago colleges along with academic units have produced researchers who’ve achieved excellence and established themselves in the areas of law, economics math, political science, mathematics and literature criticism, religion and Physics. More than 100 Nobel laureates with outstanding contributions to different disciplines, are affiliated to UChicago. The school operates according to a quarter-based system which can be divided in four term. UChicago is a top-quality university, and has a procedure for admission based on merit that is in place. Over the course of 25 years, which is from 1996 to 2020 the acceptance rate of the school dropped from 70 percent to 6% which is a testimony to the quality of its education and its high academic standards. In 2018, however, it was the first research institute to be featured in national news for the removal of SAT/ACT scores from college applicants. Festivals, exhibitions, interactive activities, athletics carnivals, workshops and so on, fill the campus. Students are confident when they graduate from a decade of exceedingly academic research at one of the best as well as leading schools across the US. Top global companies offer lucrative job opportunities for UChicago graduates.

5th place: Columbia University

Columbia University is located in the New York City of the US. Columbia University is an Ivy League research university. It was previously known as King’s College and is the fifth-oldest college of higher education in the United States. Certain factors set it apart from others by the fact that it is concerned with bringing into the fold students who have a vast knowledge of the world as well as proficiency in languages that are not English and who embody the qualities of self-awareness and leadership as well as social intelligence. In addition to Nobel winners The university also is known for producing high-achieving individuals in different fields such as Olympians the president, Pulitzer prize winners, as well as many famous individuals. There are School of Nursing, Public Health and The College of Dental Medicineare part of the medical center. the university provides a range of highly valuable classes in the field of Arts such as dance, visual arts theatre architecture, film, literature, history and music. UColumbia is geared towards preparing students for success in their careers while developing their understanding of the content and critical thinking analytical abilities. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the US for its extensive selection of graduate and undergraduate programs. Columbia will not accept poor scores on GPA, SAT and scores from the ACT The selection process as with the majority of A-listers, is highly competitive. To be admitted to Columbia international students must to surpass the limit to score high on their TOEFL/IELTS test.

Rank 4th: Princeton University

It is situated at Princeton, New Jersey. It was previously the name of a college”the College of New Jersey before the American Revolution; it officially was an institution of higher learning in 1896, and was changed to Princeton University. The university has been designated as an Ivy League residential university, which offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in the engineering, humanities and social sciences, as well as sciences of nature. The postgraduate programsinclude international and public issues, engineering and applied science, architectural and finance. It is also a top research facility that runs the plasma physics lab and a lab for fluid dynamics. Princeton is home to 75 Nobel laureates and 21 National Medal of Science awardees and 16 Fields medalists and 11, National Humanities Medal recipients, US Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, foreign heads, media tycoons and the list is infinite. If a school has an impressive track reputation, the process of selecting applicants is likely to be highly selective. It chose 1322 applicants from a list of 12,550 applicants for the academic year 2021-22. The positive side is that the university takes into account applications from those with low income such as military and community colleges. It provides grants and financial aid to deserving students. It is regarded as the fifth best school for value.

3rd Rank: Stanford University

In Stanford, California, Stanford University is considered to be among the most prestigious institutions located in the United States of America since it spans over eight180 acres. It was established in the early 19th century by the son of a US senator in honor of his son who died. The school is comprised of three offering a range of undergraduate programs as well as four schools of professional studies that provide graduate courses in law, medicine education, business, and law. The school is a leader in the production of the best stars in various areas. In April 2021, Stanford was proud to be the home of 85 Nobel laureates as well as 29 Turing Award laureates, 8 Fields Medalists as well as an US president and 74 billionaires. There are also 17 astronauts, as well as Fulbright Scholars, Marshall Scholars as well as Rhodes Scholars. The acceptance rate for Stanford is less than that of any of the other universities mentioned that makes it a hard to break. The requirements for admission to its academic programs aren’t too different from other tier one educational institutions. It emphasizes high cut-off scores for SAT, ACT, and GPA tests in addition to the high school rank and letters of recommendation that include an outstanding portfolio. It also emphasizes the activities outside of school, the talents and individual qualities of the applicant. It is a fierce competitor to Harvard university in terms of academic standing and is frequently the first choice for students and guardians as well. Stanford has a long history of being the principal site for the making of significant discoveries and breakthroughs in the natural sciences, applied sciences and business as well as entrepreneurialism. As impressive as the students are in their academics, they are equally involved in organizing regular campus events, celebrations, games, and other events throughout the year. The campus isn’t exactly secure however and has garnered some fame for campus rapes and unsolved murders. The lesson to be learned can be that Stanford graduates are given the option to pursue a multidisciplinary degree as well as the possibility of developing entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to become part of the global leadership movement.

2nd rank: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The campus of the university is within Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is the most prestigious university in terms of current technological advancement and scientific research. MIT is based on a strategy which emphasizes engineering and applied science in response to the rapid growth of industrialization occurring in the US. It is home to affiliated laboratories as well as an observatory. It has 98 Nobel laureates and 26, Turing Award winners, along with a staggering number of astronauts, scientists and heads of state Marshall researchers, and many more include MIT students and alumni. It is a huge residential study university that accepts the most applications for professional and graduate courses in computer and natural sciences engineering and architecture, business, economics as well as linguistics and mathematics. The most significant draw is applied sciences and technology but. The university puts equal importance and importance on technical competence as well as the traditions of students and their activities.

Rank 1st: Harvard University

The oldest university of its kind in the United States (founded in the seventeenth century) and, arguably, among the top famous around the globe, Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university. It is situated at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard’s faculties are among the most prestigious – they come from a variety of academic backgrounds and many of them Pulitzer award winners Nobel laureates and prize-winning scientists. The top undergraduate and graduate programs to pursue at Harvard include geophysics and marine sciences, as well as environmental sciences math, liberal arts, social policy as well as finance, economics and medicine, sociology political science, history as well as linguistics, music, biology, psychology and more. Harvard is the ideal school for thousands of applicants but it’s also the most difficult to break into, and has the worst acceptance rates. This is due to the fact that each year they get applications from thousands and pick only the best performers out of them. The panel of selection of Harvard is more interested in assessing your character based on your profile, instead of solely relying on your test results. As with other universities, Harvard requires you to complete the supplemental essays and provide two SAT subjects test scores, any scores from AP/IB and letters of recommendation, and a report from your high school. The Harvard student’s profile is more prestigious and attractive over his peers from other educational institutions.


All of these are considered to be top of the line research and academic institutions. They all require strict requirements for tests and percentages. But once you’re included in their community, you’re in good shape for the rest of your life! They live active social and cultural life that allow their students to fully participate in numerous campus programs which help them improve their communication and adaptability skills. It requires hard work and a lot of sincerity, concentration and commitment to get through the entrance exam and leave with sharpened and refined capabilities, a high percentage of employability and remarkable personal traits which give you an edge over other students from lesser-known institutions.

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