Five Reasons to Visit LA While Studying in the US

If you’re doing your studies in the US and you are studying, a trip to Los Angeles is something you should consider if have the opportunity.

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It’s much more in Los Angeles than meets the eye, and you’ll be amazed to discover the amount you can look in addition to just the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the numerous mansions owned by famous individuals. LA is also home to some amazing beaches, art and culture to discover. Here are my top five things about LA.

Beautiful iconic beaches

The beaches of Los Angeles are world famous and have good reason for it. Each beach is unique and has distinct characteristic. Venice Beach is one of the most famous and quirky beaches an ocean can get with adorable galleries, shops, beautiful cafes, street performers Muscle Beach bodybuilders and much more This is the ideal location to spend a few hours watching!

If you’re looking to have to relax take a trip to Malibu and take in the waves and vibes there. Santa Monica Beach is another fantastic spot – home of the world-famous ferris wheel and pier, and it’s the perfect spot for Instagram pictures!

Beverly Hills

Hello 90210! The well-known postcode as well as its surrounding district can be explored on a walk tour. The home of high-end stores and homes of famous celebrities, Beverly Hills is something that is worth a look. Visit Rodeo Drive and window shop until you’re satisfied. Also, you don’t know who you’ll see It’s a hot spot for celebs So be on the lookout!

The bike trails and hikes

It is important to note that the last time I was in LA I rode an 26 mile bike ride and almost died. LA is extremely steep and hilly. It’s a hilly place. Beware.

In any case, LA is a great location for hiking, and it’s an extremely popular sport among residents as well. Look through any Instagram profile of LA-based celebrities and you’ll see that they’ll include a picture of hiking every couple of snaps. Los Angeles is a health-conscious city, and wherever you go, you’ll see people living their active life style. There are numerous trails for hiking in Los Angeles so why not run around and be active!

Cycling is yet another method of seeing the city. The route through Santa Monica is one of the most well-known routes. Take a walk and explore!

Delicious food that will make you hungry

LA is a dream for those who love just a good dining experience. There’s a wide range of eateries and cafes here that there are options for every budget and you can eat any kind of food you can think of. Everybody will find something they like.

Visit Sprinkles Cupcakes for the coolest experience you’ve ever had A vending machine that has cupcakes! Dining out in LA is sure to be the highlight of your vacation.

Visiting a movie set

What visit to LA be incomplete without a visit to a film set? Since Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures all based in LA there are many backlot tours of studios to choose from. It is also possible to check out the famous places you’ll find as you travel around Los Angeles, as the number of movies and TV productions shot within the area is virtually inexhaustible.

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Published : March 14, 2022

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