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Los Angeles is a city located in California, US. It is commonly referred to for being”the “City of Angels” which is also the home of “Hollywood”. The country’s television and film industry is located in the city, in which millions of people gather with the hope of reaching the status of a star, or to live close to fame. The most well-known places to visit include those of the Walk of Fame, and the Universal Hollywood Studios. When you visit Los Angeles you shouldn’t settle for anything other than a five star luxury hotel , as this city was built on extravagantness as the best way for you to fully feel the essence in the area is to be extravagant! These are the most luxurious hotels of the top 10 in LA.

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Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles located in Beverly Hills

The main attraction to this Four Seasons luxury hotel is the fact that every room has the privacy of a balcony. As with all Four Seasons Hotels around the globe, you’ll be able to find eateries that offer great meals, great service as well as rooms usually lavish. If you’d like to get together with guests, or grab an alcoholic drink, visit The Windows Lounge, or you can enjoy Italian food at their restaurantcalled Culina. LA has two Four Seasons hotels, so you need to be aware that this particular hotel is located in South Doheny Drive.

Montage Beverly Hills

This hotel located only a few blocks away from Rodeo Drive and as such it’s in a good location. This luxurious luxury five-star hotel is incredibly expensive and extravagantly lavish. It boasts a spa that is 20,000 square feet and the indoor pool of a mineral! The hotel comes with all of the necessary luxurious amenities for hotels, including spas, rooftop pools, restaurants, etc. If you’re looking for sophisticated American food, go to the in-house restaurant Georgie. The hotel’s interiors are styled in a classical style with archways that are classic massive columns and even soft fountains. Rooms are gorgeous with lounge chairs and marble bathrooms that have beautiful mosaics and chic wooden furniture. They are extremely modern thanks to their iPod docking stations and smart LED TVs. This is the ideal place to be if you’re looking to experience the true LA luxury.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Peninsula Beverly Hills

While The Peninsula Beverly Hills luxury hotel may be costly but it’s well worth it if you’re looking to experience prime LA with all of its splendor. One of the most significant benefits and amenities of this hotel is that they’re very flexible in their check-in and checkout procedures. It is possible to move to your room as soon when you arrive in LA and leave the hotel after 8 pm If you choose to do so. The hotel is located within South Santa Monica Boulevard, the boutique hotel gives guests access to several garden villa suites which include spa facilities, as well as a variety of fresh tropical fruit. The hotel has been designed with an Renaissance style and frequently appears to be an elegant French Riviera palace with stunning illumination at night. The hotel’s walkways are often reminiscent of an amazing maze, surrounded by palm and lemon trees. It has 195 guest rooms total which include 38 suites and 17 villas that are private. Every room, without any exception, are equipped with sliding doors that give an amazing views of your garden, or beyond to the cities. The entire room is controlled by an iPad. It controls the temperature, the pressure of the water and the ‘do not interfere’ warning, all of it. Additionally, you can access a selection of DVDs featuring every Academy Award nominated movies since 1929.

Beverly Hills Hotel Beverly Hills Hotel

Perhaps the most significant attraction of this luxurious five-star hotel is that it’s among the most popular hotels for famous people and other notable celebrities. The hotel is filled with LA legends and stories. If you’re a fan of pop culture then this is the spot to be. The Pink Palatial hotel gained fame all over the world thanks to The Eagles’ “Hotel California”. It’s also the hotel Elizabeth Taylor frequented for all her honeymoons. It’s claimed the hotel was where Katharine Hepburn once plunged into the pool fully clothed. The hotel has some truly interesting details like its pink walls, adorned with Mexican plants and the poolside green striped beds as well as the banana leaves that are painted on the walls of the corridor. There are nine distinct types of rooms to choose from with the most luxurious being the bungalows with private entrances with their own pools as well as grand pianos. The bedrooms continue to reflect the color scheme of green and pink that is prevalent throughout the hotel, and as the rooms have a distinctive Californian design aesthetic, with a few striking feminine accents. But, the Beverly Hills Suites have been created in a distinct design, with much more of an Art Deco leaning. The hotel is located on the desirable Sunset Boulevard, and is in close proximity to Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood and Rodeo Drive.

Hotel Bel Air Los Angeles

This luxurious five-star hotel can be a good alternative for those looking to live in LA however need to get far from the bustle and hustle and bustle that are typical of LA. The hotel is situated in between Brentwood in the city of Brentwood and Beverly Hills, it’s quite isolated and has a personal feel, which makes the guests feel as if you’re staying in a private house instead of a five-star hotel. It’s within walking distance to the main streets of LA which means that it shouldn’t be any issue. You’ll be on Rodeo Drive within 5 minutes and then go to other places such as that of the Sunset Strip and the Santa Monica Beach in 10-15 or even 20 mins. The Bel-Air is designed with an elegant style of the 20th century and features a large amount of white Italian leather as well as charming terraces and gazebos, as well as facilities like an outdoor pool, spa and more. The garden that is private to the villa is home to over 200 varieties of exotic flowers and orchids. There are 103 suites and rooms across the entire property and all come with iPad controls that handle every aspect in the space. In addition, the bathrooms feature the most advanced Japanese toilets. This is why the hotel is luxurious and modern.

The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles L A Live

The Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton is located in an ideal central location. It is also a great location for those who can walk right over to the top attractions such as STAPLES Center or The Grammy Museum . The suites and rooms of the hotel are typically cool and fresh with vibrant color schemes wood furnishings, fresh white linen. It is possible to access the outdoor heated pool on the rooftop and jacuzzi on the 26th floor. And while you swim, you can look at LAs beautiful skyline.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey

The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey is the only five-star hotel of LA with a lakefront pool and whirlpool. The hotel’s location is breathtaking and stunning and is located at the Marina in the city of Los Angeles, which is about five minutes away from LA International Airport. The rooms of the hotel have a mix of warm gold and blue shades. The hotel also offers bikes for guests who want to ride along the boardwalk. If you’re in the market for delicious food, then you can go at the Wave Poolside Bar + Grill for great food and drinks by the pool! California food!

Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills

The Viceroy L’Ermitage is one of the very thoughtful luxury hotel that is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, and it’s willing to go in its efforts to accommodate guests of all kinds and pets! They have spacious, large rooms with walk-in closets, as well as mini-bars with private access. If you’re a pet owner and you’re looking for a pet-friendly hotel, rest certain that they will receive a luxurious stay too, with luxurious beds and complimentary welcome treats. If you’re travelling for business, the hotel offers business facilities to ensure that you’ll have everything you require to work in a quiet tranquility. They have a French-themed restaurant called Avec Nous. Among other facilities, they offer an indoor spa and an outdoor pool on the rooftop and a rooftop pool that offers a 360-degree view over the entire city. If you’d prefer to go out of the hotel and take a stroll around the city, go to Venice Beach, or you could visit Griffith Observatory. Griffith Observatory, both of that are within a short drive from the hotel.

Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills A Four Seasons Hotel

you’re looking to remain in the Four Seasons but still want to be connected to a top shopping mall This is the right one to go for. It is located on Rodeo Drive, and has hosted a number of the most prestigious people in the world since it was established in 1928. Actually, Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” spent a night in the same hotel before taking the drive along Rodeo Drive. The rooms are also decorated in a sleek and elegant way with marble bathrooms and the staff is courteous and efficient all the way around.

Mr. C Beverly Hills

Mr C Beverly Hills is a luxury boutique hotel that is located inside one of LA’s most trendy areas of LA. The rooms have furnished balconies, with breathtaking panoramas of LA. The overall color scheme for the rooms is red and cream with plenty of Italian furniture and marble bathrooms. If you’re in the need of an afternoon of relaxation, you could take advantage of spa treatments or relax in one of the lounge chairs near the pool. The hotel also has an enchanting Italian restaurant that serves the menu consisting of pizzas as well as Pastas. You can spend your time in the restaurant while listening to the sounds of jazz.

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